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How to Start a Blog In 2020

How to Start a Blog In 2020

So you’ve decided to start a blog to make money? In case your answer is yes then you’ve landed on the right page because today in this article, I am going to share a step by step guide on how you can start a blog and make it profitable to earn 10000$ every month. So without any further delay, let’s get into it-

Blogging is one of the best career choices that you can make in 2019. It can help you with making money while enjoying your life. Also, it can help you in becoming a good writer, making passive income, building your network, and most importantly, you can share your opinion with others. Once a wise man said, “Don’t become a philosopher before you become rich.” I strongly agree with this line because peoples won’t listen to someone who has not done anything in life. But apparently, blogging allows you to share what you think even before getting successful.

5 Simples steps to create a blog-

Since you’ve decided to get into blogging, and I am writing this article to help you with this. I am going to divide this article into five simple steps. If you follow this guide carefully, you can create your first blog within just 30 minutes. So, here are the five basic steps that you need to go through-

  1. # Choosing the blog platform
  2. # Choosing the right domain and web hosts
  3. # Setting up your blog with your domain
  4. # Designing your blog to make it look attractive
  5. # Useful resources to start blogging

So, these are the five steps that we need to follow to start your new blog. Now without wasting time anymore, let’s get started with step no. 1.

Choosing the blog platform-

Choosing the blog platform-

The first thing that you need to choose is which blogging platform you are going to start with. There are so many platforms available that allow peoples to start blogging. Some of the most famous are WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, and many more. In this article, I am just going to compare two of them, which are WordPress and Blogger because these are the most popular once.

There are so many blog platforms like WordPress, Tumblr, Ghost, and many others available, which allows you to set up your blog for free. These are good to start with, but if you plan to make money from your blog, I would never recommend you to go with a free platform. These free platforms won’t give you full access, they’ll use your blog to sell ad spaces, and at the end, you need to upgrade to their paid plan which will cost you a lot.

Now here, you need to understand how much money you can invest in your blog. If you can invest around $50 to $100 for a year, then you can easily go with self-hosted WordPress blog, and if you can’t invest even $50, you can go with a blogger. Blogger is a free platform to start a blog. To start with blogger, you just need to buy a domain, and that’s it. But Blogger lacks a lot of critical features that you would be required to scale your blog, and that’s why peoples don’t suggest to go with blogger. This article is mainly focused on how to start a blog with self-hosted WordPress. Here are a few reasons why you should go with a self-hosted WordPress-

  • It is free to use and set-up a blog with it is very easy.
  • It has an extensive library of themes and templates that free to use.
  • Almost 48% of blog owners use WordPress on their blog, and that’s why it has a huge community where you can ask questions about any issue or anything. There are so many peoples out there for helping you.
  • WordPress is a well optimized CMS so that you’ll get some insanely fast website, and your blog will be functionally awesome.

Here are some reasons why you should not go with a free alternative-

  • Can’t use your domain- If you go for a free alternative like Tumblr, WordPress, or any other. Then you have to start your blog on a subdomain which will look like or, which is not good and looks ugly as well. Also, there are already thousands of blogs available, which means getting the desired name is going to be a very tough task. Although allow us to use our domain. But as I already told, it lacks some very crucial features.
  • Limits- All these free alternatives come with some limits. Like you can not monetize it with Adsense, limited on disk space, you can’t upload big files, you can’t use free themes and templates and many other things.
  • No ownership- Yeah, you heard it right. All these free alternatives come with many terms and conditions that you need to follow. Just in case if you won’t follow them, they can remove your blog without your permission. It is the same as leasing an apartment, and if you don’t follow the rule of the society, they have rights to kick you, and you can’t do anything. They have done this in the past, and they can do it in the future as well. You can lose all of your hard work within a second.

On the other hand, if you’ll go with a self-hosted WordPress blog, you’ll be the real owner of your blog, and you can use any domain you want to associate with that. Also, there will be no limits of uploading images or video and using any free theme.

So, now the question is how much a self-hosted WordPress blog will cost you? Well, not so much. All you need to buy a domain name and web hosting space, which will cost you around $60-$100 per year with a decent configuration.

So these are a few very important reasons why you should choose self-hosted WordPress if your main aim is blogging. Since we have decided to go with WordPress, let’s move to our next step, which is Choosing a domain and web host for your blog.

Choosing a Domain Name and Web Host-

Choosing a Domain Name and Web Host-

Now, this is a very critical and important thing that you need to consider. If you don’t go with the right one, you’ll not be happy in the long run. The very first thing that you need to choose is the domain name.

If you don’t know what a domain name is then, a domain name is a web URL of a website. For example, or are the domain names. You can consider it as an address of your website so that anyone can easily find you on the internet.

Now before buying a domain name, you need to consider a few things.

  • First of all, check if that domain is relevant to your niche. Using a relevant domain name helps your visitor to understand what kind of information you are going to provide through your blog. For examples, is an online news magazine which mainly focuses on providing information in the tech niche.
  • You need to find a domain which will be easy to type. Also, I suggest you go for a short domain name because if your domain name is long and complex, there are chances that many of your visitors will mistype it. Also, try to go for a domain which can be easy to memorize.
  • Don’t go for a domain with numbers and hyphens. It will just make your domain name confusing.
  • Don’t go for a domain name with a trademarked or copyrighted by any company. It can put you in a huge legal mess and cost you a lot.
  • Always go for top domain extensions like .com or .net. These type of extensions are very easy to memorize and also presents you as a brand.

These are the few tips that you need to consider before choosing a domain name for your blog. You also need to choose a web hosting. Below I have shared a few things that you should need to consider before choosing a web hosting-

  • First of all, you need to check your budget. Just don’t go for an expensive web host because it offers so many features, go with the one you can afford for a year.
  • The next thing we need to check is the server reliability and uptime scores. We can check it by reading reviews available on the internet.
  • Another very important thing you need to check is how good their customer support is. Customer support is the main key factor that you need to see in a web host if you are a newbie.

These are the few very important things that you need to check in a web host before going for it. There are a lot of more things to consider, but since you’re just starting a blog, you won’t need to think about that.

Now I will suggest you go with a reputed web hosting service instead of going for a cheap one. Nowadays, almost all shared hosting offers free one-click apps installer, and that will make it very easy to install WordPress on your web servers. Since you’ve understood how to choose a perfect domain and web hosting for your blog, now it’s time to move to the third point, which is Setting up your blog with your domain.

Setting up your blog with a domain-

Setting up your blog with a domain-

For setting up your blog, you need to buy a domain and a web hosting. Now I am assuming that you’ve bought both of the things and I am proceeding this article by keeping that thing in mind.

So, when you go for buying a web hosting, you’ll be asked to add your domain name. You have to put your domain name there and process for further steps to complete your purchase. Once you complete all process, you need to go to the dashboard and scroll down until you see any one-click installer. If you find one, click on the install button and that’s it. It will install WordPress on your main directory.

Before installing WordPress, It will ask you a few things like where you want to install WordPress. For this, make that box clear so that your WordPress will install on the main directory. It will also ask some other things like set up username and password, set it according to you. Within a few seconds, it will install WordPress on your web server.

Once it gets installed, you need to visit the WordPress admin page of your blog to get started with it. Usually, your WordPress admin page will be at After this, we need to move to the third point.

Designing and setting up your blog to make it attractive-

Designing and setting up your blog to make it attractive

Setting up a theme-

Now, this step is completely on you. Here you can customize your blog to make it more appealing and attractive. The best way to customize a blog is by using a theme. If you have a budget, you can go with a paid theme, but if you don’t have much budget to invest in a theme, you can use free ones provided by the WordPress theme library.

Here you need to understand that your blog’s theme and design clearly defines what the blog is all about. Let’s suppose if you have a piano related blog, then there is no point of having a guitar oriented theme.

After installing the theme, the very next thing that we need to do is making some changes in the default setting. For this, you need to go the setting and change the permalink to custom. Now it is a very important thing because, by default, WordPress set it with the date or category which is not good for SEO purpose.

Writing your first article-

After that, you need to start writing your first article. For this, you need to navigate to Dashboard> Posts> Add new. Here you need to add the title of your article, and then you need to write in-depth content that you want to share with your audiences.

Once you complete writing your article, you need to add a featured image and save it. After that, you need to check that article again, and once you get satisfied with the quality, you can hit the publish button to make it live for your viewers.

Note- Before writing your first article, I will recommend you to read about on page SEO to make your content search engines optimized. There is no sense of making a blog without generating traffic, and search engines are the best way to get traffic organically.

Creating a Menu-

The next thing that we need to do is creating a menu for your blog so that your visitors can easily navigate on your website for the piece of information they’re seeking. Creating a menu is a WordPress blog is much easy stuff to do.

All you need to navigate to the Dashboard> Appearance> Menu

Here you can choose the name of your menu, and after that, you need to select what pages and categories you want to show in the menu. Once you complete the selection of what pages and categories you want to appear in the menu, you need to save it. And after that, you need to select the location as “Primary” and hit the save button.

Installing Plugins-

Now the most important part of a WordPress blog comes into the play. Plugins are the best way to increase the functionalities of a blog. There are so many plugins (Both paid and free) available for WordPress.These plugins can help you in generating traffic and subscribers and also, add so many functionalities on your blog. Below I have listed 9 of the essential plugins that every WordPress blog should have with their usage.

  • Yoast SEO- Yoast SEO is one of the very important plugins for every blogger. It helps you in managing on-page SEO by optimizing titles, description, snippets, and many other things. Also, you can connect your analytic tools like Google Webmaster Tools with the help of Yoast.
  • OptinMonster- OptinMonster is the perfect plugin if you want to convert your visitors into subscribers. OptinMonster is highly customizable, and you can set it as a pop-up so that it will catch the attention of your visitors.
  • WPForms or Contact Form 7- If you want to allow your visitors to get in touch with you easily then any of these forms plugin can be a good option for you. Both of these plugins are very easy to set up.
  • Social Snap- Social snap is the one-stop solution for all of your social media related problems. It allows you to enable social sharing, auto social media posting, social media analytics, and many other things. Even, you can allow your visitors to log into your website with the help of this plugin.
  • MonsterInsights- It is one of the best Google Analytic plugin available for WordPress. You can set up MonsterInsight plugin with analytics to check how your website is performing and what kind of users are coming to your site.
  • BackupBuddy- BackupBuddy is a great plugin to create a backup of your blog. There are many points where because of a mistake, we mess up things. In that case, BackupBuddy can help us in uploading the backup file to make our blog performing again.
  • W3 Total Cache- According to Google’s ranking factor, faster websites rank higher on the search results. W3 total cache reduces the file size to make a website to load much faster for every visitors.
  • MaxCDN- MaxCDN is a content delivery network that stores all of the images and website data on a server so that it won’t need to load every time a new visitor comes to that page. In clear words, it also helps in accelerating the website’s speed.
  • MemberPress- If you aim to build a community through your blog, then MemberPress is the best plugin for you. With the help of MemberPress, you can offer the paid subscription, restrict contents, and set payment options.

So, these are some of the most important plugins that are essential for WordPress blogs.

Creating a professional email account-

Creating a professional email account-

The next thing that you can do is create a business e-mail like These type of emails looks professional and also, it increases the trust among your visitors. There are chances that your web host allow you to make custom email, but just in case if your web host does not allow you, you can use Zoho mail for this.

To create a custom business email directly from the cPanel, and here, you need to look for the “Basic Email.” Option and there you need to click on “See Options.”

Here you can create your custom email within a few seconds, and once your email is created, you need to navigate to the Email Accounts>Access Webmail. Here you need to enter the email credentials you created recently, and after that, it will confirm the credentials. Once confirmed, you’ll be redirected to your webmail to access all the emails, and that’s it.

Zoho Mail is a free alternative that you can use to make up to five business emails for free. If you want to know more about it, you can ask in the comment section below, and we’ll try to provide you a separate guide on that or will update this article.

After setting up these blogs, it’s time to move forward for the next point which is Useful Resources to start blogging-

Useful Resources to Start Blogging-

The blogging is not that easy peoples usually think about it. You can start it by setting up a blog, but without traffic, you’re nothing. To generate traffic, you need to learn about on-page and off-page SEO.

Blogging is all about learning and improving your skills to make your blog stronger and better every day. For you, I’ve listed a few resources from where you can learn about the basics of SEO. You can read those articles, and if you want us to help you with any queries, you can shoot that in the comment section below.

And that’s it. Wasn’t it easy? Well, it’s always easy to perform a task if you have a proper guide on How to do it. Hope this article was helpful for you. If you have any questions, you can shoot them in the comment section below. I and our team will try to answer you with the appropriate solutions.

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